Back in 2008 Sian made her first trip to Nepal during the chilly winter months armed with a folder of designs which reflected her ideas about how clothes should look, fit, feel and function. The plan was to work directly with suppliers to turn her dream of a luxury cashmere label into reality.


Through a series of coincidences she found exactly the right people - a small business run by a Nepalese husband and wife team - who understood her vision and helped translate it into the Sian Jacobs brand of today.


A sustainable and socially responsible business practice is in place by working with a small team of producers who believe in craftsmanship and quality, but not at the expense of the environment or their workforce. They use AZO-free dyes from Switzerland. Their workforce is made up mainly of women whose skills give them the independence to earn a living, yet allow them to get home in time to cook the evening meal.


A percentage of the profit is donated to Irish-based charity, Foundation Nepal, which operates in remote Himalayan villages. This charity works with women and low caste families, enabling them to help themselves through micro-business opportunities, healthcare and education services. The philosophy of the foundation is "Giving a hand up, not a hand out".